Swipe connect layout

Swipe Connect Layout

This product is sold by our partner Baguera. The support is provided by this vendor directly. You will get his support access in the purchase receipt email.

Only compatible with Siberian 4.12.2 and above.

Connect Layout, the only layout with connection to your account incorporated.

No more going back and forward between “my account” and your app menu.

Do it all in the same and appropriate place: the menu.

Connect Layout allow your users to :

  • Login from the menu
  • Edit profile
  • Login with Facebook
  • Change his avatar

Important: After the installation, don’t forget to translate the “layout_baguera_11.csv” file*

Screenshot_2017-03-24-16-02-15 Screenshot_2017-03-24-16-01-33Screenshot_2017-03-24-16-01-43Screenshot_2017-03-22-17-01-17   Screenshot_2017-03-22-17-00-43

*About translation:

The layout is shipped with english and french translations.

You have to save the translation manually.

To do so:

  1. Go in your backoffice menu go to Parameters > Translations
  2. Choose click on edit icon.
    Then select layout_baguera_11.csv.
    If your translation isn’t in english or french you would have to fill up the page.
    Finally click on “save”.

Note: Even if your app is in english you have to save the translation of layout_baguera_11.csv otherwise “lb11_” prefix will appear in front of every translated word in the layout.


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