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Your Siberian must be in version 4.8.10 or above to run this module.

Allow your users to accept donations through their App with Donation module

Your users are looking for a way to monetize their App?

Allow them to receive donation through the most user friendly payment gateway of the moment: Stripe (Also supporting 2Checkout, and Paypal).

App Store has blocked your app because it uses webview instead of going by safari to receive donation?

It won’t be the case anymore with Donation module which doesn’t use any webview to proceed credit card payments. It’s entirely native. No webview.

If it’s necessary, you can opening the payment on Safari (only IOS)

Features :

  • supports Stripe, 2Checkout and Paypal payment gateway
  • direct credit card payments (no account required)
  • welcoming and greeting messages
  • customizable choice of donation amounts (minimum amount required, by step of x, user free to choose)
  • optional user’s message send along with the donation *
  • email notifications to the app owner when receiving donation *
  • tracking of received donations in backoffice *

Donation, our new gift to your users. By baguera communication

* features working with Stripe & 2checkout gateway only

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