Ad Layout

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Only compatible with Siberian 4.12.2 and above.


Ad Layout 100% customizable with:

  • Ads banner displayed at app opening

  • Separators to organize you menu by section

Ad Banner features :

  • “See more” button will open the feature of your choice

  • User can choose to skip the Ad

  • possibility to force the re-opening of the banner¬†on user end when updated

  • Banner image and / or banner Text

  • “Skip” & “see more” button labelable as you wish


Layout style customization:

  • sections comes with 14 predefined separators style

  • text and background color on all element of Banner and Menu

  • text direction (right-to-left or left-to-right)

  • text horizontal alignment of menu element & separator

  • vertical alignment of banner’s header text


To help you make further customization, layout comes with documentation about its css structure:


A whole bunch of options:

Many predefined section styles:

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