Admin Hook for Siberian PE

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Compatible with only Siberian PE 4.20.32 and above.


What’s the purpose of this module?

When the user successfully completes the sign up on your Siberian PE, this module will forward user data (like name, email) to your added public API URL as a POST request.


What can you do using this module?


Without coding: You can forward user data to automation platform (like Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly, Apiway) and connect it with other apps / services like google sheets, email marketing etc.

Click here to watch a video, in this video we’ve demonstrate four the most popular automation platforms Integromat, Zapier, Pabbly and Apiway. In this video, we’ve shown an example of forwarding user data to google sheet but you can connect it with other services too.


With coding: You can forward user data to your custom PHP API / script and process it manually.


General possibilities for your reference:

  • Forward user data (name, email) to your email marketing software to add a new subscriber to your mail list.
  • Forward user data to your google sheets or external database.
  • Forward user data (phone number) to your bulk SMS software.


Back-office module screenshot: You can access it here: Siberian Back-office > Manage > Modules > Admin Hook


Here you can add your public API URL with remarks.

API URL: If you’re using any automation platform then you have to use its web hook receiving URL there and if you are using custom PHP script to process your data then you have to use its URL there.


Module sends below user data in a request:

  • Admin Id (User’s id)
  • Email (User’s email)
  • Optin email (Checkbox value 0/1)
  • Firstname / Lastname (If you have enabled this extra field)
  • Company (If you have enabled this extra field)
  • Website (If you have enabled this extra field)
  • Phone number (If you have enabled this extra field)



  • You can only use public API URLs where authentication isn’t required. If your API requires an authentication then you can build your own PHP script to receive web hook data and manually process it yourself.
  • Module listen for admin.register.success hook, it means module sends data to API only if the user successfully gets registered to your Siberian platform. It doesn’t send any data for errors.
  • Automation platform integration / setup or custom PHP script development doesn’t included in our free support, you can do it yourself or hire us for it.
  • This module doesn’t send user’s password, so if you’re thinking to use this module to generate same account on your other website then this module is not for it.
  • If you’ve any pre-sale questions, email us ( your use case / requirements so we can better guide you.



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