Advanced Translations

Note: This module requires Siberian 4.16.5 to work.

With this module you will be able to add any missing translation in your Siberian & all the Modules

After the installation, you can access the module from Settings > Translations > Advanced

From here, you can add strings (words, sentences or expressions) into your translations files.

Key Usage
String to translate This is the missing string you need to translate
Context Since 4.16.0, some modules now have a context to prevent mixup between pages & modules. Leave blank if don’t explicitly know it.
Flag if the translation is in the Editor or in  the Backoffice, select Editor/Backoffice
if the translation is in the Mobile app, select Mobile app. (any mobile app translation will also work in Editor/Backoffice)

After adding new translations strings, you will be able to translate them in the page Settings > Translations > Translations

The file for your custom translations is named Advanced translations user



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