App Intro Slider Layout

Why your Mobile App Needs to Have an App Intro Slider?

App Intro Slider is a great place to demonstrate your app features or functionality.
Onboard your users easily with App Intro Slider Layout and improve your first time user experience.


(1) Say More with Less Words: Describe your app’s main features using title headings. You can also add description text, but don’t make it too large.

(2) Describe App Features: You can describe main features of your app into app intro slider, you can also put image or feature’s icon for this.

(3) Focus on HOW to: Sometimes user don’t understand how to use your app or some features of your app. In this scenario, you can explain this using app intro slider.




  • 3 App Intro Slides
  • Show only once
  • Customizable Slide Background Color
  • Customizable Slide Image URL, Width & Height
  • Customizable Slide Title, Description & Text Color
  • Customizable Slide Content Top Padding
  • Get Started & Skip Intro Buttons
  • Customizable Skip Button Text, Color, BG Color, Bottom Padding & Visibility
  • Customizable Start Button Text, Color, BG Color & Bottom Padding
  • Restore Button to show App Intro Slider Again
  • Customizable Restore Button Text, Color, Font-size & Visibility
  • Customizable Slider Pager Color
  • Main Menu Layout – 3/4/5/6




  • Number of Slides: 3 Fixed
  • Get Started Button is compulsory, Skip Button is optional
  • App Intro Slider shows once at first time visit only.
  • If you want to show slider again then click on Restore button and refresh page or reopen app.
  • When your slider and your app is ready then you can hide restore button so that app user only see slider once and then after next time, redirect to main layout.

Preview-1 (Skip & Restore Buttons Hidden)


Preview-2 (Skip & Restore Buttons Visible)


Preview-3 (Slide BG Image instead of BG Color)


Compatible with Siberian 4.20.23 and above.

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