Only compatible with Siberian 4.20.28 and above.


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Appmetropolis is a marketplace that catalogs Apps geographically.
The user can search for apps near him and also discover the offers inside these apps.
The main advantage for the Siberian Platform Owner is to be able to work as a “circuit” and improve the value of the Apps.
Appmetropolis was one of the key successes of Migastone that sold in Italy over 1000 Apps for 2000€ each on average.

The advantages to working as a circuit are:
1. Be unique and special, others sell Apps, you are a coalition of Apps
2. Acquiring new customers from the circuit
3. Incentive the co-marketing between complementary Apps. Put in touch two complementary Merchants (BAR and RESTAURANT) and suggest them to send “cross offers” (very powerful)
4. Receive more referrals from Customers that want the success of the circuit

What is doing Appmetropolis Module?
1. It is 100% white label and you can create your local App circuit with your brand.
2. The module is listing automatically any App in your Siberian platform. Just you need to fill a form in a menu together with the geolocation of the App.
3. The App listing is made on a MAP and also on a LIST ordered by distance
4. The system is looking all coupons inside each App and is listing them automatically on a MAP and also ordered in a list by distance
5. You can add 3rd party Apps to your circuit, not made with your platform

If you buy this module you can :
1. Create your APPMETROPOLIS circuit App with your own brand (look on stores our main Appmetropolis App)
2. Add to any App the APPMETROPOLIS module to show also inside there the other apps and offers
3. Manage the App listing and the coupon listing

[exclusive] we are working to integrate a sync protocol to allow all our customers to sync the App database and coupons with the main centralized server, this will allow listing immediately in your Circuit tons of apps already made from others. The release of this functionality will be done in summer 2021

IMPORTANT NOTE! This module is made for those who want to build local circuits and earn well with Apps. Who sells Apps for almost nothing is not welcome. This is why, this module is limited to max 200 Apps, over this limit we reserve to evaluate the business model of the customer and grant access to unlimited apps. For example in Italy there are companies selling apps for 199€ online, we don’t like this aggressive strategies addressed only to destroy the market and professionalism of Mobile Marketers.

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