Custom QR Scanner

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Compatible with Siberian 4.20.43 and above.


The main purpose of this module is to open an inner app page after scanning the QR code.


Note: QR scan functionality only works in the native Android & iPhone app. It doesn’t work in overview, webapp or PWA.


Editor Module Screenshots:

Configuration: Here you can set cover image, scan button text, description and design type (List / Card).


On click of “Generate QR code” tab, it will open a page like below in a new browser tab.

QR code generator: Here all your available in-app-links will be displayed, on click of any feature from the left side panel, it will display the QR code on the right side panel.


When you scan this QR code from the module, it will open an inner page. You can download and print this QR code on your books, flyers, banners etc.

There’s another page where you can generate QR code manually for in-app-links which are not available in the default list. You can define data-state & data-params for your in-app-link.


App Screenshots:


On click of a scan button, it will open the default QR scanner.

Module Demo:

You can download a demo android APK & find example QR codes here:

You can also check module on our Siberian server:


Login details:


Password: pwademo123

After a login, open any app and go to Features page and add Custom Scanner feature to your app.

Note: QR scan functionality only works in the native app, so you can’t test it in an editor previewer.


Animated GIF Preview:



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