Favourites Module – save favourites pages inside Siberian CMS App

The module is sold by NativeAppEngine, support is provided through their desk directly

Note: This is a yearly subscription license, the purchase is not a recurring subscription but it’s for 1 year of usage and you will have to renew it every year to keep using our module.


This module module allows your app users to save favourites pages inside SiberianCMS App, it creates simple button on bottom of each pages user visits and saves pages as favourites if user taps on it.


  1. Tap on Favourites button on any page to save it as Favourites
  2. Separate Favourites menu to access all saved pages
  3. Tapping on pages takes user to respective page
  4. Easy way for user to create dynamic list of pages they like
  5. It works with all the modules/pages user can access on app
  6. Tapping Favourite Button again on any page removes from saved list
  7. Various settings to customize look and feel


21 July 2020
– Bug fix for special character on Fav button text

12th Apr 2020 : Now Favourites button can be transparent, it improves visibility of content behind button
6th Mar 2020 : Right Spacing option added

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