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Compatible with Siberian 4.19.6 and above.


Image Uploader Siberian CMS editor module will allow your Siberian editor users to upload images to IMGUR (IMGUR is a free service).


You don’t have to worry about your server load or space.


Why do you want this module?


In Siberian CMS your users need to put Image URL in Layouts, in CSS for Background Image URL, Custom HTML Code Image src etc…


So in these cases, the user have to upload an image somewhere to get its URL.


Most users don’t know where to upload & how to get an image URL.


So this module will really be very helpful for your Siberian users offering simple image upload functionality & a simple copy to clipboard action for the image URL, along with a preview of the uploaded image.


  •  Select and/or Drag & drop image upload
  •  Image URL copy to clipboard
  •  Uploaded image preview



You can also set your own IMGUR Client ID on the backoffice.
All images are uploaded anonysmously on IMGUR services.
Read the tutorial here.


Pricing: 79€ with Lifetime support & updates


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