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Note: This is a yearly subscription license, the purchase is not a recurring subscription but it’s for 1 year of usage and you will have to renew it every year to keep using our module.


This module allows your user to create private/public journal within app.


* PRIVATE JOURNALS – Ability for each App User to have their own Journal.

* MOOD – When posting a new Entry, the App User would also have the ability to select a “Mood” (icon), and the Date/Time of the Entry.

* PHOTOS – Ability to add images to Journal entries.

* COMMENTS – App Users can Enable/Disable comments on their Journals.

* PRIVATE / PUBLIC – Journals can be Public (visible to other App Members) or Private (only visible by the respective App User).

* BLOCK USERS – If the Journal is Public, the App User have the ability to “Block” Members from accessing their Journal.

* FAVOURITES – The ability for Members to add Public Journals to their “Favorites” list.

* SEARCH – The ability for the App User to Search their Posts.

* ADMIN: TOGGLE MOOD – Option for the App Admin to Enable/Disable the “Mood” feature.

* ADMIN: TOGGLE PUBLIC/PRIVATE – Option for the App Admin to Enable/Disable the “Pubic/Private” feature.

* ADMIN: TOGGLE COMMENTS: App Admin can Enable/Disable the Comments feature.

* ADMIN: LANGUAGE – Language fields in the Settings so that the App Admin can easily edit the front-end language to suit their particular needs.
* Push Notifications Settings ( You need Individual Push notification module to use this feature)

  • Admin Toggle – In the module Settings, the App Admin should have a toggle to Enable/Disable Push Notifications. Notifications should be Enabled by default.
  • App Member Toggles – The App Member should have the following Toggles in the new Notifications Settings section in the module.~ New Journal Posts
    ~ Comments on My Journal Posts Only
    ~ Comments on All Journals
    ~ Disable All NotificationsWhen enabled, Members should receive a Push Notification to their phone. The Push Notification should work like regular Push Notifications and not in-app Notifications.

Example Use cases:

* A standalone journal or diary app.
* As Employee Engagement tool
* As an additional feature in a social networking app.
* A comments or notes section in a business related app.
* A notes or comments section in a religious based app.
* A comments section in a general app.
* A notes section in training or educational based app.
* A notes section in a shopping app.
* A journal or diary section in a travel based app.
* A notes or diary section in a counseling app.
Price: 139€ – 1 year updates & support
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