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Compatible with Siberian 4.20.43 and above.


This is a layout with a slider, top logo image and footer centered menu button. On click of a menu button, scrollable main menu will be opened.


Layout Options:

  • Home logo URL
  • Slide image URL
  • Slide title & sub-title text
  • Slide title & sub-title text color
  • Slider caption background color
  • Slider pager color
  • Menu button background & icon color
  • Main background color
  • Menu height with %


You can customise the layout using CSS. You can purchase it extra from this link.

Here is an example of CSS customization:



  • There are maximum five slides. If you just want to display three slides only, then leave slide image URLs empty for slide-4 & 5.
  • For home logo image, it will display as 30px maximum height & auto width.
  • For slider images, you can use any size images but 2732*2732 px images with main content in the center will be more suitable. We’re using slide image as a background-image with cover as a background-size and center as a background-position.


Pricing: 49€ with Lifetime Support & Updates

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