Miga iframe & EAN / QR Scanner

Only compatible with Siberian 4.13.10 and above.


This product is sold by our partner MigaStone. The support is provided by this vendor directly. You will get his support access in the purchase receipt email.

The MIGA IFRAME module is study to resolve two principal problems:

  1. EMBED a website in the siberian Apps is not always easy. On Iphone also is not possible to manage the “return back” to previously page because is missing the “back” button.
  2. SCAN AN EAN or QR CODE and parse the result with a query string (GET) to a website to perform actions.

With MIGA IFRAME we solved both problems by this way:

  1. MIGA IFRAME allows to embed any website HTTPS in an easy way, just add the URL of your website. (check here the site you want to embed is supporting Iframe http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/free-iframe-checker)
  2. MIGA IFRAME allows to manage the “return back” to home page with a simple icon on top (home icon)
  3. By selecting QR/EAN code scanner you are able to add in the Ifram a nice banner on the bottom of the screen where is possible to SCAN any QR and EAN code and parse the result in a query string URL (GET) to an external website.
    This solution is very nice and can be used for many integration, in our video tutorial we show for example an ECOMMERCE integrated with this feature that allows to search any product by simple scan the EAN code of the product.
    Another idea can be a wordpress website configured to search articles or pages by EAN code, by this way is possible to show informations, videos etc regarding any code scanned in the shop or other places.

I suggest to see this video to understand better how it works

Support is granted by email to support@migastone.com

Version Log:

2.0.2 Added “email” and “uid” parameter also to the iframe url.

2.0.1 Added the “email” and “uid” parameter. now the URL get parameters have the current user details as email and unique id of the app

1.7.0 Added the setting of Loading Spinner delay in seconds

1.6.0 Fixed spinner with 0 transparency and added a control to prevent loading the module if it is missing the url

Added a spinner before the loading of the iframe page, to solve the problem of NET:Err_File_Not_Found on Android phones.

Added support of Translations

– Added a drop menu to activate Ean Scanner
– Removed mandatory field Enter the Query String if Ean Scanner is not selected

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