MigaVenue is sold by our partner Migastone, support & updates are provided directly by the vendor.

MigaVenue allows you to create multimedia pages with geolocation and map, fully manageable by third parties through a convenient password-protected web page.

MigaVenue have many potential uses, here are some:

  • PROFESSIONAL MARKETPLACE: Create a geolocated marketplace of professionals and freelancers, who have their own multimedia page within the function, ordered by geolocation, map, searchable by tags and categories. This gives the APP owner the ability to provide external access to the management of their own multimedia page allowing them to update it with information, links, pdf, and everything that Siberian already offers.
  • SHOP WINDOWS: Possibility of having APP sponsors with their own multimedia page that they can update via web independently, inserting links to their own shop etc…

These and other potential uses are possible today, making the APP a marketplace where advertisers independently manage their own spaces.

The module includes the ability to give admin access for direct modifications or the option to moderate the changes made. In the case of moderation, the app admin will be able to accept or reject the changes.

Check out our user manual: https://support.migastone.com/en/hrf_faq/migavenue/

The module has a yearly subscription, the cost is 199€/year.
License is valid for one URL domain/platform and Unlimited Apps

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