MigaWhatsApp is sold by our partner Migastone, support & updates are provided directly by the vendor.

This module requires subscription on the bridge API service to send messages to WhatsApp: www.migasender.com/home-en

What does MigaWhatsapp module do?
  1. It allows you to automatically send a WhatsApp message to all users without an active push token, so all those Siberian users who can’t be reached with push notifications (those who’ve disabled push, those using a PWA on Apple, or simply those with phones incompatible with Siberian or with issues).
  2. It also allows sending messages just like sending a push notification to specific users or selected user groups.
  3. There’s also the option to bulk send a WhatsApp message to any user, regardless of whether or not they can receive push notifications.
Of course, it’s mandatory to enable registration with the user’s mobile number since the mobile number is needed to send a push.

Check out our user manual: https://support.migastone.com/en/hrf_faq/migawhatsapp/

You can try MigaWhatsapp on our demo platform: https://demo.migastone.com/

The module has a lifetime license, the cost is 29€ (MigaSender subscriptions not included).
License is valid for one URL domain/platform and Unlimited Apps

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