Migalock – Manage access to your app contents

Only compatible with Siberian 4.18.24 and above.


This product is sold by our partner MigaStone. The support is provided by this vendor directly. You will get his support access in the purchase receipt email.

The PLATFORM LICENSE allow you to sell UNLIMITED apps with this module installed. The price is 49€/yearly and it includes customer support. 

With Migalock you can manage access to the contents of your app in a more precise and flexible way, with a login page that can be customized according to your needs and your communication style.

You can choose to lock entire app or only specific pages and give the access only to users you decide. Force Login optionally.

You can customize combinations of color and buttons appearance, as well as set a background image displayed on full screen. Even with images slider.

Find more info in our online manual: https://support.migastone.com/en/hrf_faq/migalock-feature-2/

Send an email to support@migastone.com for information or technical support.

Visit our website www.migamodules.com

Always you can check the last version of this module by entering your license code here: https://licenses.migastone.com/my-modules

You can try this module on our demo installation  https://demo.migastone.com

User: demo@migastone.com

Pass: demopass


Pricing: 49€/ 1 year subscription, updates & support.

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