Only compatible with Siberian 4.16.10 and above.


This product is sold by our partner MigaStone. The support is provided by this vendor directly. You will get his support access in the purchase receipt email.

Migareminder is a simple module that allows generating customized reminders inside your APP.

The classic scenario is the dentist, who wants to remember his client’s annual dental cleaning visit. Or the bookkeeper that need to remind fixed or recurring due dates.

To do that the Dentist will create a REMINDER TEMPLATE inside your APP control panel, for example a Reminder after 365 days from the current visit date.
After the reminder template is set, he is able to print a QR CODE.

Later, for every patient, he will ask them to scan the QR CODE and the APP automatically creates a REMINDER of “Dental cleaning” after 365 days.

The feature allows also the USERS to create their personal reminders inside the app.

The cost of the feature is 99,00€ / yearly and includes updates and technical support by email.

Here the principal features

  1. Create unlimited REMINDERS TEMPLATES based on
    • A certain amount of days after the QR Scan
    • A specific date
    • Set how much before getting the reminder by push notification: 1 hour before, 2 hours before, 3 hours before, 1 day before, 2 days before, 3 days before. You can select one or all of them.
    • Set if it is a ONE TIME reminder or a RECURRING reminder
    • Set if the RECURRING reminder is weekly, monthly or yearly.

You can also customize the Reminder Push Notification with your own Title, Text, Picture and link to feature or web page.

You can check all the REMINDER TEMPLATES, generate again the QR CODE and modify them as you want

An ACTIVE REMINDERS page allows you to check all the current active reminders.

Is it possible to customize the ICONS and the COVER IMAGE of the module

Here some screenshots of the phone interface that include three menus:

  • ADD A REMINDER: to add manually a reminder
  • SCAN QR: Where the user can scan the QR code and get immediately the reminder set
  • ACTIVE REMINDER: Where the user can see the current active reminders and can modify them.

Send an email to support@migastone.com for information or technical support.

Visit our website www.migamodules.com

Always you can check the last version of this module by entering your license code here:


You can try this module on our demo installation  https://demo.migastone.com

User: demo@migastone.com

Pass: demopass

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