Multi language training videos

This module will help you manage your YouTube channel videos.

  • Multi-language settings and categories
  • Autodetect customer language settings
  • Easy to use back office configuration panel.
  • You can choose which videos to display and where.
  • Module respects the order you have added the videos in. This allows you to create great tutorial flow (step by step).
  • You do not have to look for VideoIds just click on the video image to add it.
  • You can¬†display videos from many different channels on the same page.
  • Users can search/filters videos in the editor.

In order to add videos navigate to Backoffice configuration panel and :


1. Enter your YouTube Channel Id.

2. Choose the language group from the dropdown box.

3. Click search to display all your videos.

4. Click on each video to add it to selected language.

5. All chosen videos for that language will be displayed below.


In order to delete a video from chosen language:

  1. Select language from dropdown list.
  2. Click on videos to remove them individually.
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