Ontrack: tracking & navigation for trucks, buses and more!


Tracking & navigation for trucks, buses, and more!

2-In-One App!:

  • Allow accredited users to track school buses
  • Or, allow warehouses to be notified when a delivery is arriving.

Can be used by parents or staff for children transportation, and/or by suppliers to get the warehouse ready to unload products by keeping them posted of the truck arrival.


Some of the main specific features:

  • Allowing app admins to associate a user to a bus
  • Allowing app admins to add pick-up and drop-off stops
  • Allowing accredited users to see the bus route on the map
  • Allowing accredited users to be notified when a delivery is approaching depending on the notification settings of the app admin: provide the different warehouses with alerts at defined times (alerts sent when the truck is at 30 minutes, 15 minutes and or 5 minutes, for instance)

More information in the documentation.


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