Social network – Add social profile, friends news feed, user messaging

The module is sold by NativeAppEngine, support is provided through their desk directly

Note: This is a yearly subscription license, the purchase is not a recurring subscription but it’s for 1 year of usage and you will have to renew it every year to keep using our module.


Do you want to add social network feature for your clients community app ?

Social network module is based-off Social wall, it implements new social profile, friends new feed & user to user messaging into your app.


  • Public social profile for all your users, search by user name and custom profile fields
  • Show news feed of your friends you are following
  • Follow any user you like in network.
  • Chat privately with any user on the network
  • Follow and chat button on users social profile to connect instantly.
  • Send text , images as chat message
  • Translation files are included
  • Settings to customize many things
    • Change Chat / Follow Text
    • Enable/Disable Chat/Follow Functionality
    • Setting to show email/name of user
    • Setting to disable location
  • Show first page to public/guest user to encourage user to comment and create account
  • [Optional with add-on] Integrated with custom profile module, all the custom fields are shown on users social profile page. This setting is optional can be enabled from settings page.
  • [Optional with add-on] Push notifications are triggered when new chat messages are sent. (Individual push notification module is required)



Price: 199€ – 1 year updates & support

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