Social network – Add social profile, friends news feed, user messaging

Social network is sold by our partner NativeAppEngine, updates and support are provided by the vendor directly

Do you want to add social network feature for your clients community app ?

Social network module is based-off Social wall, it implements new social profile, friends new feed & user to user messaging into your app.


  • Public social profile for all your users, search by user name and custom profile fields
  • Show news feed of your friends you are following
  • Follow any user you like in network.
  • Chat privately with any user on the network
  • Follow and chat button on users social profile to connect instantly.
  • Send text , images as chat message
  • Translation files are included
  • Settings to customize many things
    • Change Chat / Follow Text
    • Enable/Disable Chat/Follow Functionality
    • Setting to show email/name of user
    • Setting to disable location
  • Show first page to public/guest user to encourage user to comment and create account
  • [Optional with add-on] Integrated with custom profile module, all the custom fields are shown on users social profile page. This setting is optional can be enabled from settings page.
  • [Optional with add-on] Push notifications are triggered when new chat messages are sent. (Individual push notification module is required)




Price: 199€ – 1 year updates & support

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