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Compatible with only Siberian PE 4.20.32 and above.


The Problem:

If you’ve enabled free sign up mode on your Siberian PE then there are many chances of sign-up using fake email address. There’s an option to set your sign-up mode to validation, but still in this case you have to manually activate the user accounts.


The Solution:

So in this module, you have to set your platform sign-up mode to validation and after successfully sign-up, user will receive an email to verify or activate his/her account. On click of a verify button, user account will be auto activated. After successfully verification, user will be auto redirected to login page in 5 seconds.


Module features:

  • Enable / disable verify email functionality
  • Email color scheme
  • Verification page CSS to customise its color
  • You can change email content text like subject text, header text, description text, button text, company name etc using module translations.


You can access module here: Siberian Back-office > Manage > Modules > Verify Email




You must have to set your platform’s sign-up mode to “Validation” and enable extra field “Firstname / Lastname“. You can set if from Back-office > Settings > General


Email screenshot: You can change the text from the module translations. You can also change colors too.


Verification response page: You can change the text from the module translations. You can also apply CSS for this page.



(1) Is this module provides any sign-up / login verification using OTP on email?

No, It just email verification link on successfully sign-up only, so user can activate their account on click of a verify button. Sign-up / login verification using OTP isn’t purpose of this module.

(2) Can I set custom sender name and email?

No, Sender name and email will be automatically fetched from your current Siberian email settings (Back-office > Settings > Communication > Support).

(3) For some users, sometimes emails are receiving in promotions or spam folder, can we set it to inbox folder only?

Generally verification email comes in the inbox but sometimes it may be in other folders like promotions or spam. We can’t set it.



Visit and sign-up using your email, you’ll receive a verification link in your email.



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