Virtual Loyalty Card 1.0.3

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Welcome to the version 1.0.3 Virtual Loyalty Card.

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The module supports translations, you can also change the name of the module however you want. Available on

The Virtual Loyalty Card is a module that allows to SCAN and STORE one PHYSICAL LOYALTY CARD inside the APP. The user can simply open the APP, go inside the Module Virtual Loyalty Card and the cashier will scan the BAR code showed on the screen.

With this simple module any shop that has already a loyalty program based on physical plastic cards, is able to offer to the customer a digitalized version of the Physical Loyalty card. A nice leverage to get the app downloaded and installed.

The module version 1.0.1 is compatible with:

The module can store only one card per time, to make the management very simple.
We choose to store only one card because the target of this module is digitalized the Loyalty Card of the Shop / Merchant that owns the  App.

The Module doesn’t need ANY configuration, just install it and use it.

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A recap of how it works:
1. The user has a Physical Loyalty Card of the shop
2. The shop offers a new way to store the card inside the Shop’s App and save space in the pocket… the user can leave the card at home in the future.
3. The user download the APP and tap on the Virtual Loyalty Card Module
4. The BAR CODE of the card is scanned from the Phone Camera
5. The Bar Code of the card is stored inside the module.


  1. Is possible to store more than one card ?
    NO, but we want to release a new version doing that. Upgrade to the new version is included in the current version purchase (12 months updates). We will allow then the App owner to decide if allow or not the storing of multiple cards.
  2. Is possible to scan all the type of bar codes in the market?
    NO, right now the module is supportingCode39
    UPC-A the most used bar code in Europe and the US.

Release Notes:

Always you can check the last version of this module by entering your license code here:

Added support of Translations

– Fixed Icon not showing correctly in the App backoffice

Developed by Migastone International Ltd


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