Your own Previewer app


With this module you will be able to create an app for your company with a magic feature. This magic feature will allow your users to preview on their phone the apps they are creating, or that you create for them, on your Siberian.

Want to know more about this previewer module? Check out this documentation.

To sum this up, you create a regular app for your company, that can be used by your users to know more about you, get specific deals, etc, and in it, you add the Preview feature. Your users download your app, and from this Preview page (or whatever the name you give to this page), they access to the list of their apps. They choose an app, and they preview it right from their phone.

To install this module, like any other Siberian module, you just have to send the zip file in your module installer in your Backoffice (Settings > Modules). Then, connect to your editor with your admin account, create an app for your company, or edit the existing one if you already have one, and add this Preview feature.

Ultimately, you just have to publish your company app in the stores.

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