Enterprise Payments module

The Enterprise Payments Siberian CMS module is distributed for free in its base version. This module can be used by any developer to add payment support to their own module. Instead of time consuming process of integrating several payment gateways into each module, the developer can call the Enterprise Payments module to process the payments. Currently, this module is integrated into the EasyAppointments PREMIUM module but more modules will follow.

The Enterprise Payments base version supports cash, bank transfers, Stripe and Paypal payments. Soon a Premium subscription will be introduced that will support many local payment providers. Please note that, if you’re not a developer, you won’t be able to integrate this module into any modules.  

The developer User Manual is available from here. Please note that we don’t provide support to end-users on this module. If you want to use this module, you’ll need a developer to assist you.


Developer friendly module.
Supports bank transfers, cash, Stripe and Paypal

Come soon

Premium local payment gateways
Support for simultaneous payment requests from the same App
Risk & Fraud tools

App manager front-end interface

This product is offered by TalentHut. The support is provided by this vendor directly. You will get his support access in the purchase receipt email.

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