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The Phonebook module allows any app user to find the contact info, social post activity and personal photos of other users who are registered in the app. In other words, an app user can find other users’ details, and easily follow and contact them.

The app user must follow the other users for getting their details.

Why you should use the Phonebook module in your app? 

– The app user can easily find the details of his colleagues or team members. It means, no more storage of colleagues or team members contact details in the phone contacts. 

– Follower/Following member system for accessing the personal details. This way, any member can know who is interested in seeing his info.


  • Contact listing of the app registered members
  • Follow/Unfollow other members
  • Social Post Activity
  • Photos Gallery

This module is useful for:

  • Social apps
  • College Alumni apps
  • Community apps
  • Business apps
  • Marketing apps
  • Clubs Apps Like Gym & Dance
  • College, Coaching and School apps
  • Special task team apps
  • Event & Volunteers apps

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Version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2, Jan 08, 2020

Fixes in Translation and About Us

Version 1.0.0, Jan 02, 2020

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Price: 1 year support & updates – 99€

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