Progressive Loyalty – making customers more loyal

The Progressive Loyalty Siberian CMS module will allow you to launch a loyalty program and reward your customers as they buy from you. By giving customers smaller rewards from the first points they accumulate, you make your customers more loyal. No need to wait until the card is completed to reward your customers!

You can accumulate points from the Mcommerce feature and from the EasyAppointments module automatically.

With a powerful reporting engine, you can easily identify your most loyal customers and how many rewards are used. You will also get an estimate on the sales that the loyalty program is generating. If you have a take-out business, you’ll be able to remotely validate the points after each purchase. Finally, you can track the employees who validate the points and the rewards so that fraud is under control.

If you’re looking to work on long-term loyalty, in addition to this module, please consider buying the companion Club Card module as well.

You can access the User Manual here.


update, May 1, 2018

Corrected an issue with active/inactive reward images

update 1.2, March 28, 2018

Added support for Siberian’s Mcommerce module. Sales are fetched automatically and points credited to the Progressive Loyalty Card.
Added support to EasyAppointments module so that points can be credited automatically on the Progressive Loyalty Card.

update 1.1, February 27, 2018

Added support for expiration on the rewards in order to increase the urgency of redemption
Added option to be able to validate just 1 point from the App

update 1.07, August 31, 2017

Added support for T&Cs at the loyalty card level.


Coming next

Support for multiple loyalty cards
Triggered actions

App user interface

App manager front-end interface

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