Property Listing Module

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The Real Estate module lets you find the dream home, apartment, condo, real estate & open house listing.

Users can search property by area, city, developer name & more & then filters the search result using key features like property for, property type, bedroom, and apartment.  



Version 1.2.0, Jan 27th, 2020

 What’s New

* Manage filter option from editor setting page.

*Add/edit and delete amenities from editor setting page


Version 1.1.0, Jan 24th, 2020

 What’s New

* Filter by price
* Property type can be added/edited/deleted from the editor


Version 1.0.0, Jan 23rd, 2020

Search Listing

Search property by the headline, property name, area, city, developer name, auction name, contact person etc.


Filter Listing

Filter the search result using key features like property for, Property type, Bedroom, bathroom etc.

Filter by price



Customers can shortlist the property and view how many other customers have shortlisted the same property. 


Visiting History 

The customer can check his/her own visited property history.



The customer can contact the agent (admin) and the agent will be received notification on email, the customer will receive a push notification when the agent replies back to the message.



The customer can report or share feedback about the listed property.



Demo URL

Editor Access:
Password: 123456



Upcoming Features

Add listing from mobile

Google Maps

CSV Import Listing

Promotion screen

Payment Gateways

Share Listing


Pricing: One year support & updates – 179.00€


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