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E-Wallet module is a digital wallet or Mobile Wallets refers to an electronic device that allows an individual to make online transactions. E-Wallet module allows you to Add money to your Wallet through options like Stripe, PayPal in the most convenient manner.

Get Cashback when add money in wallet and using invite a friends module.



  • Transfer money user-to-user through QR Code and email (in wallet)
  • Pay to shop through QR Code
  • Transfer amount in progressive loyalty card
  • Cashback promo code for add money in wallet
  • Payment gateways Stripe and PayPal

Note: We will integrate other local payment gateways on demand.

Features List: 

Wallet Money :

  1. This is a digital wallet or Mobile Wallets use in online shopping.
  2. Customer can Pay to shop using QR code(is created by admin) and money is transfer in shop wallet (Not in the any bank account).

Transfer to a Loyalty Card :

  1. Customer can transfer Wallet balance amount in the progressive Loyalty Card.

Transfer to a Customer :

  1. Customer can transfer a wallet money to another customer wallet in the same app.
  2. E-Wallet module is not allow transfer wallet amount in any bank account.


  1. QR code is use for transfer a wallet amount to other Customer or Shop Wallet. Without enter any email id or Code.
  2. The purpose of QR Code is easy to use.


  1. Create QR code for store and Customer can pay the amount using Wallet and money is transfer to Store wallet. Store wallet history is display in backend (editor) section.

Coming soon Link to :-

  • Appointment,
  • Property Listing
  • and many new module like e-commerce, event booking etc..

Version 1.3.5,  14 July, 2020

Bug fixing

Version 1.3.2,  02 June, 2020

Bug fixing

Version 1.3.0,  02 June, 2020

Add amount in customer wallet from editor.

Version 1.2.0,  22 April, 2020

Display Store Earning Dashboard
Store Payout (Offline) Features

Version 1.1.0,  21 April, 2020

Now allow cashback credit from Invite A Friend Module

Mobile App Screenshots:


Editor  Screenshots:

Store Earnings Dashboard 

Pricing: One year support & updates – 79.00€

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