Invite-a-friend module

The Invite-a-friend Siberian CMS module is a Uber style invite a friend mechanism, that will allow App users to refer friends and get points (or not depend on editor setting ) for it. The module will generate a user referral code that will be redeemed by the invited friend on the App. This module can be used together with the E-WalletProgressive Loyalty and Loyalty Card module so that the user accumulates points for the friends referred. The default sharing mechanism on iOS and Android is used on this module so that users can invite friends with their regular messaging apps, Facebook, etc. and also invite by email address.


Version 2.2.0,  10 June, 2021

Bug fixing  cashback credit in E-wallet module 

Version 2.1.0,  21 April, 2020

Now allow cashback credit in E-wallet module 

Version 2.0.2,  25th Feb, 2020

Resolved bugs related to credit point in  Progressive Loyalty module 

Version 2.0.1,  11th Feb, 2020

Some Fixes

Version 2.0.0,  31st Jan, 2020

What’s New

  • Multiple designs and share options
  • Invite by email id
  • Now allow point credits in Loyalty Card as well
  • Manage separately receiver and sender points
  • Add How to Works screen
  • Add Term & condition screen

Version 1.0.0
Use default iOS and Android sharing mechanism
Create a default sharing message
Accumulate reward points with each invited friend


App user interface

App manager front-end interface

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